About us

Hello little curious, you’d like to find out who is hiding behind the site right ? Here a few lines for you 😉

We are Johanna & Jean Pierre, a german-french couple. Welcome to the Bignon des Prés !

We have open our holiday house for the first time in 2001 with the objective to help you to discover our beautiful region but also meeting new people in our small country side.

After a few years living in England, Germany and traveling here and there in Europe, looking for a nice place to live, we finally decided to set down in Brittany, in the “gallo” country. It wasn’t easy for Johanna to learn french there when all people were speaking in another language.

But the language barrier wasn’t a barrier at all ! We’ve been very warmly welcome here and met very nice and beautiful people : young people but also old people warmly welcomed us. Many of them are not here anymore.

Brittany was modernized : the “gallo” language is slowly disappearing, the dirt floor was replaced by tiles or wood floor. The living space expanded. The times is now over when three different generations had to live in the same tiny room around the fireplace. But the human warmth remained. And we stayed.

Our holiday house is one of those old houses built with dirt and stones. We have renovated it of course ! But we wanted to keep the charm of these old brick fireplace, exposed beams and the floor which isn’t exactly straight.

We hope that these few pages will help you to get interested into visiting the region and that you’d like to know more about our location which is in our eyes our little paradise. We invite you to like/tweet/pin/instagram or simply share the articles. And if you want to book your next vacation at the Bignon; please contact us per telephone or via email, precising the desired date and the number of persons.

See you soon at Le Bignon des Prés !